This is a new guitar made especially to show at the GFA Convention in Miami this past June. Several people conveyed to me they thought it was the best sounding guitar in the “Luthier’s Showcase” there at the Convention. The sound quality conveys to me that this guitar stands at the pinnacle of my achievement making musical instruments. It has a lovely cedar soundboard that was cut over 30 years ago and Madagascar rosewood back and sides. The back is from a 4-piece book matched set and the sides are doubled with Indian rosewood on the inside. This gives added presence, of particular value in a large hall. It has all the features that come standard with my guitars — elevated fingerboard, optimized intonation, double-hole tie-block, headstock V-joint, French polish finish — and is appointed with Rodgers tuners. I am the toughest critic of my work but I can say unequivocally this one makes me proud of my achievement, nearly 40 years in the making.

As to price, Please Inquire.