I seldom resell my guitars but I am making an exception with this one. This guitar is virtually unused, by its appearance. If it were not for the year 2017 on the label it could convincingly be called brand new. It has a beautiful and perfect cedar soundboard that sat in my shop for 30 years before I put it to use. The back and sides are of dark, refined Brazilian rosewood, which also waited about 30 years for its chance to shine and sing. It has all the standard features of my guitars — elevated fingerboard, double-hole tie-block, headstock V-joint, optimized intonation, french polish finish — and is appointed with Graf tuners. A beautiful red and gold Hoffee case is here to protect it. The soundboard bracing has all the latest details and features that I have been refining for many years. These subtleties result in one of the best sounding guitars of my career. A well-known teacher in Austin called it a fantastic guitar. I stand behind this instrument as one of the stellar examples of my work.

As to price, Please Inquire.