I don’t often resell older guitars that I have made but I am making an exception for this one from the year 2000. I liked it a lot then and I love it even more now. It has a cedar soundboard and Indian rosewood back and sides. It is braced with my asymmetrical fan system and has all the features of my current guitars: elevated fingerboard, double-hole tie-block, headstock V-joint, 20 fret fingerboard for the top 2 strings, French polish finish. It incorporates my intonation system with both compensated nut and saddle. It has been played extensively over the years and I have refreshed the French polish. There are no cracks. The frets are in perfect condition, the action has been adjusted, and it is easy to play. This guitar has a beautiful mature sound that only gets better the more you play it: rich and clear and deep. It is priced to sell. Call me: 707-459-4068



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